SWPTO Scholarship Award Winners

The Sussex Wantage PTO would like to congratulate our scholarship recipients.  The deserving young ladies are:

  • Brianna Kimble
  • Sarah Havens
  • Emma Wiedbrauk
  • Brielle Halloran

These students were selected based on their academics, community service, and their desire to pursue careers that will help others. Congratulations to all and best of luck in your future endeavors!

Brianna Kimble wants to pursue a career as a pharmacist, working in medicine and research to find cures as well as volunteer to help change lives and bring smiles to children’s faces.  Sarah Havens plans to become an architect, being creative and innovative, she wants to make her clients’ dream homes a reality.  Emma Wiedbrauk plans to go into the nursing field, wanting to make a difference in someone’s life, being someone a person can feel confident in and trust.  Brielle Halloran is taking her fascination with animals and pursuing a career as a veterinarian, saving the loved ones of families and loving what she does every day.

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